FDA/EMEA Tissue Panels

FDA & EMEA tissue panels support the development of new therapeutics and can be used to identify interactions with off-target antigens that can lead to unforeseen toxicity. Tissue Solutions can provide full or partial FDA/EMEA tissue panel made from a wide range of high quality normal tissues with supporting clinical information to suit your Tissue Cross-Reactivity (TCR) studies. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements or request a quote today.

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We can provide FDA/EMEA tissue panels with the following tissue types:


Adrenal gland Aorta Arteries Bladder (Urinary)
Blood Cells Bone marrow Brain: cerebellum Brain: cortex
Breast Cervix (Uterus) Colon* Eye
Fallopian tube Gall bladder Endometrium uterus Heart
Ileum Jejunum Kidney Lymph node
Ovary Parathyroid (Tissue Slides only) Parotid gland Pancreas
Peripheral Nerve Pituitary gland Prostate gland Salivary gland
Skeletal muscle Skin Spinal cord Spleen
Stomach Synovial Testis Thymus ( Tissue Slides only)
Thyroid gland Tonsil Ureter Vein


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FFPE, Frozen/OCT