Full Thickness Skin

Browse our range of full thickness skin sheets or discs with or without adipose tissue for use in absorption and toxicology studies or primary cell isolation. Fully consented and provided as sheets or discs of different diameters, with or without stretch marks. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements or sign-up for our fresh skin email alert service here and select skin as your interest.
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We can provide full thickness surgical excess skin samples with the following criteria and specifications:


Skin Region Abdominal, Breast, Facial including eyelid tissue, Scalp, Foreskin, Thigh & Arm (brachioplasty).
Surface area for Skin Sheets 4cm2, 25cm2, 50cm2, 100cm2, 200cm2. Other sizes available upon request*.
Surface area for Skin Discs 5mm, 8-10mm, 12-20mm, 22-30mm and 32-40mm. Other sizes available upon request*.
Clinical Data Standard Demographics, Serology results* HLA data*.
Associated Samples* Matched Blood, Serum, Plasma.

Tissue from Post Mortem donors is also available.


*Available upon request


Customised preparations also available for specific thickness for dermatomed skin, and presence or absence of stretch marks, phototype, age, sex, ethnicity, Body Mass Index (BMI) can be requested. Fresh skin can be shipped in the shipping medium of choice or the client’s own medium.

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