We can provide Histology services to support drug discovery, research, and development. Our GLP accredited lab conducts tissue analysis from any point of the histopathology process. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements or request a quote today.



We can provide histology, IHC, and digital imaging services to support drug development:

Histology Process Services Wet tissue trimming, tissue fixation, tissue processing, tissue embedding, tissue sectioning, image analysis and reporting and frozen sample assessment.
IHC Services Identification of IhC and If biomarkers, IhC assay development, and transfer.
Digital Imaging Services Slide scanning, Digital image analysis.
TCR Services TcR assay development and studies, Non-regulatory screening.
Clinical Trial Services Clinical trial analysis from Phase 0 to Phase 2. Samples can be screened using IHC and IHS methods.
Associated Services Non-regulatory histology, Special stains, Regulatory pre-clinical toxicology, Veterinary Pathologists, Medical Pathologists.

*Available upon request