Tissue Solutions are able to provide fresh and cryopreserved peripheral blood leukopaks and mobilised peripheral blood leukopaks. A leukopak contains a higher concentration of cells as compared to standard venipuncture collection methods or buffy coat products.
Leukopaks from mobilized peripheral blood are collected from normal, healthy donors on a specific dosing regimen. These injections are designed to stimulate the bone marrow in order to produce a large number of hematopoietic and progenitor stem cells, which increases their frequency in the peripheral bloodstream.



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We can provide leukopaks with the following criteria and specifications:

Sample Types Leukopak (peripheral blood) Mobilized Peripheral Blood Mobilized Leukopak; G-CSF
Dosage Options N/A 1 Day Stimulation, or 2 Day Stimulation, Collect Days 1 and 2 3 Day, 4 Day, 5 Day or 5 Day Stimulation; Collect Days 5 and 6
Sample Size Full collection, Half Collection, 1Bag, 1/2 Bag, 1/4 bag, 500×10^6 cells and 100×10^6 cells Full Collection approx (2000-2500 × 10^6 cells/bag prior to cryopreservation) Full Collection, 1 bag, 2 bag
Viability >95% Yes Yes Yes
Anticoagulant ACD ACD ACD
Serology: *HBV, *HCV, *HIV, *HTLV, *WNV, Trypanasoma cruzi, and Syphilis, *CMV upon request Yes Yes Yes
Medium Autologous plasma, HypoThermosol® or CryoStor® CS10 Autologous plasma, HypoThermosol® or CryoStor® CS10 Autologous plasma, HypoThermosol® or CryoStor® CS10
*CBC results and Marker data available Yes – Cryopreserved *CD3+,*CD4+,*CD8+,*CD14+, *CD19+,*CD45+,*CD56+ Yes – Cryopreserved *CD3+,*CD4+,*CD8+,*CD14+, *CD19+,*CD45+,*CD56+ Yes – Cryopreserved *CD3+,*CD4+,*CD8+,*CD14+, *CD19+,*CD45+,*CD56+
*Available upon request

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