Prostate Cancer Tissue

Prostate cancer occurs when irregular prostate cells grow uncontrollably and early prostate cancer exhibits very little symptoms. Prostate cancer is graded using the Gleason scoring system, to help determine how aggressive the cancer is and direct which type of treatment the patient receives. Tissue Solutions can provide ethically sourced ready to ship inventory of prostate cancer tissue or arrange a custom collection. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements or request a quote today.

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We can provide prostate cancer tissue with the following criteria and specifications:


Cancer Types Acinar adenocarcinoma, Ductal adenocarcinoma, Transitional cell (or urothelial) cancer, Squamous cell cancer, Small cell prostate cancer.
Tumour Type Primary or Metastatic.
Clinical Data* Clinical data including stage and grade confirmation, Matched sets with adjacent normal, Quad set, with matched biofluids, Serology Results, HLA Data.
Associated Samples* Normal/NAT Tissue, Serum/Plasma, Blood, Biofluids, PBMCs.


*Available upon request

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Fresh, Frozen, FFPE, OCT