T Cells

T Cells are a core aspect of adaptive immunity response to allergens, pathogens, and tumors as they have the ability to recognise a wide range of antigens and maintain immunological memory. The dysregulation of T Cells response has been linked to many autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Tissue Solutions are able to provide ready to ship T Cells isolated from peripheral blood or a custom prospective collection. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements or request a quote today.



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We can provide T cells with the following criteria and specifications:


Cell TypesCD3+ T Cells, Naïve CD3 T Cells, CD3+ T Cells (Negative Selection), Naïve CD4 T Cells, CD4+ T Cells, CD4+ T Cells (Negative Selection),CD8+ T Cells, CD8+ T Cells (Negative Selection), Regulatory T Cells, Anti Influenza (M1) T Cells, Anti HSV T cells, Anti Myelin Basic Protein T Cells, Anti MART-1 T Cells,Anti NY-ESO-1 T cells, Anti ProInsulin T Cells, Anti-HER2/neu, Anti-HPV, Gamma/Delta T Cells.
Sample TypesNormal (Controls).
Tissue Type (Subject to Cell type)Peripheral Blood.
Cell Density1× 10^6 cells-25 × 10^6 /vial cells.
Clinical DataStandard Demographics, Certificate of Analysis, Serology Results, HLA Data*.
Associated Samples*Blood, PBMCs.


*Available upon request

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